Agnaldo Pessoa

Living Nature

Given this difficult moment of social isolation that humanity is going through, Agnaldo has been studying to expand the horizons of his art, in the search for new materials as part of his incessant reframing.

The artist dives into the universe of exotic and carnivorous plants, as Agnaldo himself says: “living nature cried out to enter my art, and I allowed it”Carnivorous plants of the genus nephentes, drosera, saracenias, dioneia are plants originating in North America, in nature they are found in swampy areas under running water exposed to sunlight all day.


The realization of Agnaldo Pessoa's art.

Agnaldo Pessoa

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The Sculptor

Agnaldo Pessoa é escultor brasileiro há mais de 30 anos. Formado pela Ufba Salvador Brasil, trabalha com as técnicas: resina de poliéster, resina epox, bronze e alumínio.


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Agnaldo Pessoa

+55 71 99670-4362



Galeria Zilda Fraletti
Av. Batel, 1750 – CEP 80.420-090
Design Center – lojas 07, 08, 10 e 12
Curitiba – PR – Brasil

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